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About CU

Shopping – Payments – Chats: One app, one brand, three services for this digital age

History behind the CU

As a great visionary and naturalist, ‘Charles Darwin’ once stated that the only way an entity could evolve is to ‘Grow’, to grow more than what it was yesterday! Keeping this statement close to our hearts and minds, we have made ‘CU’. A venture of ‘Dizzi Globile Pvt. Ltd. India’, CU was carefully brewed from scratch in the depths of creative minds working here at Dizzi Globile Pvt. Ltd. with the sole objective of evolving it into a Nationwide platform of doing Shopping, a complete Payments solution and a platform for Private Chats.

Inspired by our Honorable Prime Minister’s ‘Make In India’ initiative, we have forged CU to be a tool for every age, business and profession.

CU is a full-fledged brand with offshoots such as CU Shops and CU Pays. CU Shops has defined the brand CU as one of the best online shopping apps in India whereas CU Pays has stated it as a seamless money transfer app. The big problem nationwide was that the small stores and businesses never had an online presence and if any of them tried they were shunned away by the charges imposed by major market places. We at Dizzi Globile Pvt. Ltd. identified this issue. With quick planning and execution, we came out with solutions. With CU Shops, even local stores are now able to have merchant status online with full inventory and sell their items without any charges incurred on them removing the issue altogether.

With so many online shopping apps out there gunning for your private information and contact details, CU is one unique app which will never ask for your contact details or other information.

Also, for doing payments easily on these local stores, CU Payment app was created for the customers. UPI based, CU Pays allows users to be able to pay money with their mobile devices enabling more user convenience and ease.

We, at Dizzi Globile Pvt. Ltd., believe that successful evolution of any entity should be beneficial to all and that is helping businesses, people and brands of every measure and scale come forward and let them present themselves online increasing their sales and in turn national per capita income of our nation.


Behind every successful brand, there are a handful of people who have the capability to overcome every obstacle that comes there way, using their intellect, creativity and ingenuity. CU is the outcome of efforts put in by such men.

CU Head - Yoram Kugel
Yoram Kugel


CU President - Gaurav Passi
Gaurav Passi


CU CEO - Pankaj Arora
Pankaj Arora


CU Marketing Head - Himanshu Tripathi
Himanshu Tripathi

Director Marketing

What Our Customer Say About Us

Avinash Chauhan
Wow! This CU Chats thing is so cool. I don’t have to feed in any personal information, not even my name and still I can register and start talking with my friends and family. The HD call quality feature is pretty cool as well, the picture and audio were pretty sharp and clear despite my average internet connection. All the features of all the chats apps with supreme focus on privacy, I am loving it!
Avinash Chauhan
Parkash Kashyap
Ok, this app has some serious skills I would like to say. They have made shopping so varied and personalized like never before seen in any app. Adding payments to mix that too with UPI was a brilliant move and with chats thing already going for CU, it has EVERYTHING you ever wanted. GENIUS IDEA I would say since I am into marketing myself.
Parkash Kashyap
Ashok Kakkar
CU Shops is quite neat stuff I would say. Now, my small bakery shop is placed on the map and I am getting more customers at my store and the ones who are shopping online from me now are an added bonus. Most importantly, CU gave my shop recognition whereas very selected circle or only my old customers knew about me. And they are not charging anything for the transactions. It’s free! A big thank you to CU, you are a God send for the common folk.
Ashok Kakkar
I have started using ‘CU Pays’ and it is brilliant. It’s quite simple to use, transactions are streamlined with only three steps to complete a payment. Being UPI oriented, I felt quite confident and secure while making payments.